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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Blindness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Blindness to help bring your sermon to life.

Realistic Happiness

Who could speak more realistically about the illusion of a yuppie value system than Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who suffered deprivation of all that money ...

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The Great Outdoors

America is sick today because she has gone indoors. ... It was a sad day for the race when somebody discovered ceilings. So long as men are under the ...

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Great Expectations

Lech Walesa made the observation that "Americans are drifting away from spiritual values as they become richer." He said that "sooner or ...

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Blindness to Badness

The real danger in our situation lies in the fact that so many people see clearly what they are revolting from and so few see at all what they are revolting ...

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Lost and Unaware

A recent novel by Madeleine L'Engle is titled A Severed Wasp, If you're addressing young people or some other audience with strong stomachs, the ...

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Willful Blindness

The devil cannot take from the soul the light of faith: he, however, removes the light of consideration; so that the soul may not reflect on what it believes. ...

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Modern Man Is Dead

A man sits in front of a bad television program and doesn't know that he is bored; he joins the rat race of commerce, where personal worth is measured ...

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Catch the Music

Many people go through life as though they are wearing blinders or are sleep-walking. Their eyes are open, yet they may see nothing of their wild associates ...

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See What You Can See

A Coloradoan moved to Texas and built a house with a large picture window from which he could view hundreds of miles of rangeland. "The only problem ...

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Blind to What's In Front of You

Karl Barth, the famous theologian, was on a streetcar one day in Basel, Switzerland, where he lectured. A tourist to the city climbed on and sat down ...

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