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Sermon Illustrations about Spiritual Armor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Spiritual Armor to help bring your sermon to life.

Knowing Your Enemy

Aqaba in 1917 seemed impregnable. Any enemy vessel approaching the port would have to face the battery of huge naval guns above the town. Behind Aqaba ...

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Spiritual Armor

In The Encourager, Charles Mylander writes: "Sunrise was dawning when Los Angeles motorcycle police officer Bob Vernon saw a red pickup truck speed ...

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Carrying Our Weapon

Prayer is the wall of faith: her arms and missiles against the foe who keeps watch over us on all sides. And, so never we walk unarmed.

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The Anchor of Faith

The mighty Niagara River plummets some 180 feet at the American and Horseshoe Falls. Before the falls, there are violent, turbulent rapids. Farther upstream, ...

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Big Brother's Battles

My friends, you are no match for Satan, and when he wants to fight you just run to your elder Brother, who is more than a match for all the devils in ...

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Religion Makes a Bad Cloak

Religion is the best armor a man can have, but it is the worst cloak.

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Luther: Expanding Each Petition

In "A Simple Way to Pray" (1535), Martin Luther advises his friend Peter to repeat and elaborate on each petition of the Lord's Prayer. ...

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