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Sermon Illustrations about Social Impact

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Social Impact to help bring your sermon to life.

Teens Step Up to Help Woman Threatening Suicide

Training as an athlete often means maintaining a heightened situational awareness. A group of middle school boys on the Kepler School volleyball team ...

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The Early Church Succeeded Where We Are Failing

In a recent book Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock ask significant questions:

Why did the Early Church succeed where we are failing? How did they transform ...

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Teenager's Written Encouragements Help Save Lives

A teenager with a heart to help has received a commendation for her efforts, which local officials say have helped save at least six lives.

Paige Hunter, ...

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How a Chicago Church Empowers People through Work

Here's one positive story about how a church got creative to minister to the needs of its community. After purchasing an abandoned, run-down pool hall ...

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Kids These Days

Jerral Hancock was serving as a specialist with the Army's 1st Cavalry Division when his tank outside Baghdad hit a roadside bomb. As the story in ...

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The Family Deficit

"Along with the budget deficit, we have a family deficit," writes economic expert and columnist Robert J. Samuelson in The Washington Post. ...

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The 93 Dollar Club

It all started at a Trader Joe's store in Menlo Park, California, in the summer of 2009. A woman named Jenni Ware was standing at a checkout counter, ...

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Destiny in the Slums

In More than You and Me, Kevin and Karen Miller write of the power of a God-given vision:

One couple lived in London 130 years ago. For the first 10 years ...

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Protestantism Against Secularism

It seems to me that despite its priority for socio-political change, organized Protestantism shows little strength for stemming the secular tide. It ineffectively ...

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Kingdom Flight

I am learning that God intends salvation to be more than a ticket to heaven, and that his chief purpose in providing the church is not to transport us ...

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