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Sermon Illustrations about Skill

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Skill to help bring your sermon to life.

"Bee Movie": The Importance of Doing Our Part

Bee Movie centers on the life of Barry B. Benson—a maverick bee who is less than enthusiastic about taking his place in the hive as a life-long ...

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Son's Rescue Teaches Valuable Lesson

Max DePree had a young grandson who once locked himself in the bathroom. Nothing his mother did could get him out. She called the police, and they too ...

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Master Violinist Goes Unrecognized

Joshua Bell emerged from the Metro and positioned himself against a wall beside a trash basket. By most measures, he was nondescript—a youngish ...

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Stradivari's Skill Is a Mystery

Perhaps the greatest of all Stradivarius mysteries is why no modern violinmaker has been able to replicate Stradivari's work. The violins of Stradivari's ...

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Lewis Smedes Finds God in English 101

In his autobiography, Dr. Lewis Smedes writes of his early years in the faith. A turning point came as a freshman at Calvin College. He writes:

The first ...

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Hitter Ted Williams Senses Weight of Bats

Ted Williams, the last baseball player to hit better than .400 in a season, died [in July 2002] at the age of 83. "There is no joy in Red Sox nation, ...

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