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Sermon Illustrations about Skepticism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Skepticism to help bring your sermon to life.

'Stealth Secularism' Hooks Us Through Stories

Christian apologist Nancy Pearcey uses the following story to show how "stealth secularism" can bypass our critical grid and hook us emotionally:

In the ...

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Detective Accepts Christ Based on Evidence

As a cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace called himself a hardcore atheist and "evidentialist" because he believed the truth was always tied ...

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Actor's Distorted View of Christianity

Oscar Isaac, the dashing X-Fighter pilot Poe Dameron of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was raised in an evangelical household. "My dad was a man of extremes," ...

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Millennials Losing Trust in Institutional Church

A report from Pew Research concluded that younger generations tend to have more positive views than their elders of a number of institutions that play ...

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Study Finds Evangelism Can Turn People Off

A study conducted by the Church of England found the surprising result:

Non-believers were asked if a practicing Christian had ever spoken to them about ...

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Former Atheist On Her Skeptical Worldview

As an atheist university professor, Dr. Holly Ordway, was convinced that by definition faith is utterly irrational. She would eventually become a Christian, ...

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Famous Painter Haunted by 'God Questions'

The lonely artist had made up his mind. Today was the day he would end it all for good. He climbed the tropically wooded hill behind his Tahitian hut, ...

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Atheist Author on "Why I Raise My Children without God"

A few years ago, CNN published an article titled "Why I Raise My Children without God." Instantly it went viral. The author, a young mother named Deborah ...

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T.S. Eliot's Conversion Met with Disgust

In 1927, the famous English poet and essayist T.S. Eliot became a Christian and was baptized and confirmed. Prior to his conversion, Eliot belonged to ...

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Film Claims We Need Illusions to Live

In the film Magic in the Moonlight (Woody Allen, 2014), a skeptical magician named Stanley Crawford meets Sophie Baker, an alleged spiritualist. Stanley ...

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