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Sermon Illustrations about Sexuality

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Sexuality to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Reflects on His Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction

Sam Allberry, an Anglican minister from Great Britain, recently shared about his struggle with same-sex attraction. Allberry wrote:

Homosexuality ...

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Marriage Doesn't Remedy Lust

Marriage does not remedy lust. If anything, it complicates the problem by introducing a new set of difficulties.

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America's Sad New Day

This is for me the moment when the new America began: I was at a graduation ceremony. ... It was 1971 or 1972. One by one a stream of black-robed students ...

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"Adult" Movies Aren't for Adults

A pretty good case can be made that the "adult movies" for "mature audiences" actually are designed to attract only the most juvenile ...

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Mixed Messages About Sex

Girls in our culture are caught in the crossfire of our culture's mixed sexual messages. Sex is considered both a sacred act between two people united ...

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The Danger of Sex

Sex is just about the most powerful and explosive force that is built into us. Every instinct and every bit of counseling experience I have had tells ...

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Where Do Kids Learn about Sex?

Speaker Josh McDowell conducted a survey of teenagers from evangelical churches and discovered they had learned about sex from the following sources (respondents ...

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