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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Service, motivation for to help bring your sermon to life.

Mystery Man Lends a Hand at Waffle House

Ethan Crispo hit a local Waffle House looking for a late-night snack. What he got instead, was so much more valuable. Crispo entered the Waffle House ...

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Young Boy Gives Up Disney Trip to Feed Hurricane Evacuees

When Jermaine Bell sets his sights on something, he follows through. That is, unless, he sees something better. Bell was planning to spend his seventh ...

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Young Married Couple in Fatal Crash Leaving Ceremony

They had their whole lives to look forward to, but the end came so much sooner than anyone expected. Having just been married in a brief ceremony five ...

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Study Debunks 'Find Your Passion' Advice

Americans love to say things like "follow your passion," "pursue your dreams," or "do what you love and love what you do." ...

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Only God's Praise Lasts

Talking about his hit song "Mean Old Man," singer songwriter James Taylor said,

This one was a big accomplishment, because it's a sophisticated ...

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Driver Leads Police in a Chase Because of His 'Bucket List'

"The world is peppered with people who can coax small seeds of inspiration into richly flowering ideas that put humankind on a better path. And then there's ...

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Doomsday Survivalist Donates Stockpile of Food to Puerto Rico Crisis

A New Jersey man who spent decades stockpiling rations and resources for an eventual "doomsday" recently donated almost all of it to the Puerto Rico crisis. ...

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Workers Need a Sense of Mission

In an article in Forbes, business consultant Liz Ryan argues that companies shouldn't be obsessed with having "happy employees." Instead, she argues that ...

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Successful Sports Team Captains Are Rarely Stars

In his book about famous sports team captains titled The Captain Class, Sam Walker examines the hidden forces that create the world's greatest sports ...

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New York Governor Becomes Good Samaritan to Stranded Driver

In a series of weeks in which the Northeast corner of the United States has been pummeled by severe winter weather, minor car accidents and stranded drivers ...

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