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Sermon Illustrations about September 11 (2001)

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on September 11 (2001) to help bring your sermon to life.

Jet Passengers Watch Their Own Demise

On September 21, 2005, the landing gear of JetBlue flight 292 malfunctioned during takeoff, resulting in the wheels under the nose becoming jammed to ...

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Youth Pastor Witnessed through His Death

Ninie Hammon worked as a reporter for a small newspaper in Lebanon, Kentucky in 1988. On May 14th of that year, newspapers throughout the country carried ...

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Photographer's Indifference Drove Him to Suicide

In 1994, South African photojournalist Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. The photograph that brought him fame depicted an emaciated ...

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Stephen Baldwin's Faith Changed His Life

Stephen Baldwin is one of the famous Baldwin brothers, a family of Hollywood actors.

Referring to his newfound faith in Christ, Stephen said, "I've ...

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Disabled Surfer Stays Joyful Amidst Adversity

Bethany Hamilton, once ranked as the best amateur teen surfer in Hawaii, lost an arm to a tiger shark in October 2003. Both her compassion and competitiveness, ...

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California Firestorm Makes Hesitation Fatal

In the fall of 2003, a string of Southern California wildfires eventually claimed two-dozen lives. The flames moved at a speed faster than people could ...

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Grieving Father Trusts Eternal Shipbuilder

Author Richard Exley writes:

I know one minister who returned to his pulpit ten days after his son committed suicide. Under duress he read his text: "And ...

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Twin Towers Survivor Surrenders to God

Genelle Guzman McMillan was the last person to be rescued from Ground Zero alive. She had been trapped in the rubble of what remained of the Twin Towers ...

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Germans Honor U.S. Ship after September 11

In the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Navy's newest guided missile destroyer, USS Winston S. Churchill, sighted the Lutjens, ...

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NYC Firehouse Captain Led by Example

The book Firehouse, by David Halberstam, tells of Manhattan's Firehouse 40/35, from which 13 men responded on September 11th and only one returned. ...

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