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Sermon Illustrations about Self-sacrifice

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-sacrifice to help bring your sermon to life.

Serving Vs. Being Served

I was ministering in Fourth Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. We had a Thursday morning father-son breakfast, six-thirty. It was to be over by quarter ...

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Service before Self

How can I illustrate what Paul is trying to say [in (Philippians 1:21-26)]? With the story of Dr. Paul Toaspern, a brilliant man, a theologian, who lived ...

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Striving for Sanctity

We must strive for sanctity, for holiness, to the point that we show up at Heaven's gates "squeezed out like a lemon." This image is vivid ...

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Love Must Be Aerobic

Ever feel overwhelmed by the Bible's command to love unconditionally? When people ask me, "How can I ever start to love everyone like I should?" ...

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