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Sermon Illustrations about Self-Righteousness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-Righteousness to help bring your sermon to life.

Actor Bill Murray: 'We're not that Wonderful'

In a recent (2014) interview, the actor Bill Murray was asked about his current eligible bachelor status. (Murray went through a painful divorce in 2009.) ...

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Dating Website Excludes "the Riff Raff"

The niche dating site BeautifulPeople.com describes itself as a place where you can "Connect with beautiful men and women in your local area and from ...

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Christians Belong to "The League of the Guilty"

So of all things, Christianity isn't supposed to be about gathering up the good people (shiny! happy! squeaky clean!) and excluding the bad people (frightening! ...

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Animal Farm as a Parable about Blaming Others

George Orwell's famous novel Animal Farm provides a parable about how we often treat each other in Christian community, families, and work settings. In ...

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We're All One Step from Being 'Those People'

Sociologist Brene Brown's TED talk "The Power of Vulnerability" has garnered over 10 million hits (as of August 2013). For good reason: we are hungry ...

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Lab Tech Convicts Criminals While Breaking the Law

In September 2012, Annie Dookhan, a crime lab technician in Boston was nicknamed the "superwoman" by her coworkers. Officials said that during ...

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Judging Others is One of Our Favorite Activities

Like most of us, John Burke (pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas) assumed that he was not a judgmental person. But just in case he was wrong, he ...

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Tim Keller on the Dangers of "Self-Esteem Résumés"

Editor's Note: This illustration could easily be adapted based on details from your own life.

When I was at school, my mother kept saying things like, ...

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Michael Scott (The Office) Can't See His Weaknesses

Background: Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) is the obnoxious manager on the hit TV show The Office. Michael, the manager of Dunder Mifflin's office ...

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Why We Rejoice when Famous People Fail

Why do we enjoy watching others—especially rich, powerful, famous people—"fall from grace"? Joseph Epstein commented on our need to know and ...

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