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Sermon Illustrations about Self-reliance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-reliance to help bring your sermon to life.

Americans Live in Isolation

Novelist Jonathan Franzen writes about our increasing isolation:

In 1890, an American typically lived in a small town… Not only did his every purchase ...

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Pioneers' Self-Reliance Led to Isolation

The Europeans who came to settle North America found it vast and unexplored. "Self-reliant" was the watchword, and the scout, the mountain man ...

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Evangelist Luis Palau Learns Complete Dependence on God

Evangelist Luis Palau writes:

During my first semester at Multnomah School of the Bible, Torchbearers founder Major Ian Thomas spoke at our chapel service. ...

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Our Lives Belong to God

Writing on the topic of worship, author Greg Laurie shares the following:

I heard the story of a woman who had finished shopping and returned to her car. ...

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Rock Musician Trent Reznor on Religion

In a Rolling Stone interview, Trent Reznor, the lead musician of the rock band Nine Inch Nails, muses on how his anti-religion stance helped lead him ...

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Marilyn Manson Worships Self

Musician Marilyn Manson says:

A lot of people like to pass me off as a devil worshiper. I think that could only be true if I considered myself to be the ...

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Releasing the Power of God

The power of God was suddenly released when I gave up being invulnerable.

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Sensing Need for God

When we don't pray, it's primarily because we don't sense our need for God.

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No Good without God

Sin comes when we take a perfectly natural desire or longing or ambition and try desperately to fulfill it without God. Not only is it sin, it is a perverse ...

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