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Sermon Illustrations about Self-reliance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-reliance to help bring your sermon to life.

Peyton and Eli Manning Get Help from Old Coach

Peyton Manning will retire with the best quarterback statistics in the history of the NFL. His younger brother Eli is also an elite NFL quarterback. Yet, ...

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Pilots' Pride Led to Tragic Plane Crash

In his book, Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival, Laurence Gonzales tells the story of United Airlines Flight 232 that crashed in Iowa on July ...

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A Parable About a Plant That Takes Over a House

Tim loved his brand new house. The architect, who had supervised the entire building work, designed it so it was a big, open building. The walls were ...

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Former New York Mayor Says He's 'Earned' Heaven

During an interview before his 50th college reunion, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg confessed that his mortality has started dawning on ...

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Bill Gates Answers "Do You Believe in God?"

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, 58, was asked "Do you believe in God?" Gates said that he believes science ...

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John Ortberg Learns about His Limits

We were with friends at an open-air street fair when we spotted a mechanical bull that tries to buck people off. They guy operating the bull said, "Watching ...

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Woman Explains Why She Prefers the Darkness

A website called the "Experience Project" describes itself as the place to share "life experiences from people like you." (As of January 2014 the site ...

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Psalm 23 without God, the Shepherd

Here's what Psalm 23 looks like when we remove the Shepherd from our lives:

1 my ... I shallbe in want.

2 me ... me

3 my soul ... me

4 ...

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Scientist Claimed the Internet Would Be a Fad

In 1995, an American scientist named Clifford Stoll boldly predicted that the Internet would be just another passing fad. He wrote an article for Newsweek ...

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Expert Says Puzzles Help Us Feel in Control

The World Puzzle Championship takes place every year at locations around the globe. In 2012 the event was held in Croatia and drew 145 contestants from ...

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