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Sermon Illustrations about Self-love

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-love to help bring your sermon to life.

Between Failure and Fraud

Mark Labberton writes in Leadership journal:

In a very difficult season when finances were tight, I was driving a dilapidated car that had been donated ...

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A Stolen Throne

Sin has many manifestations but its essence is one. A moral being, created to worship before the throne of God, sits on the throne of his own selfhood ...

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Self-Love First?

The reigning cliche of the day is that in order to love others one must first learn to love oneself. This formulation--love thyself, then thy neighbor--is ...

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Real Maturity

Four stages of growth in Christian maturity: Love of self for self's sake. Love of God for self's sake. Love of God for God's sake. Love of ...

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Forgiveness for Whom?

No one is perfect. We readily admit that. However, we often seek to regain an expectation of perfection (through the back door) by extolling the false ...

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