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Sermon Illustrations about Self-love

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Self-love to help bring your sermon to life.

40 Percent of Men on Dating Site Claim Genius Status

There's nothing wrong with thinking that you're smart. You probably are pretty smart, and we commend your healthy esteem and belief in yourself. But healthy ...

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Selfie Mania at a Baseball Game

Editor's Note: Here are two illustrations with basically the same theme. Use one or both of them.

This is the age of the selfie. People love to see themselves ...

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Single Woman Marries Herself

A UK woman, Grace Gelder, married herself after failing to find love … at the ripe-"old" age of 31! According to The Daily Mail, Gelder ...

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The Internet Narcissism Epidemic

Here's a fascinating article in The Atlantic that claims we're in the middle of a raging "narcissism epidemic." According to the article, ...

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Dr. House Learns That Love Involves Vulnerability

House M.D. is a Fox television medical drama that features the cynical, irritable, and brilliant Dr. Gregory House. House is a genius at coming up with ...

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Woman Decides to "Live Otherwise" and Finds Healing

Muriel's childhood crippled her emotionally. She began visits to the hospital's psychiatric ward when she was in her teens. By her late forties, she'd ...

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John Ortberg on Following God Instead of Your Gut

My friend, Jimmy, and his son, Davey, were playing in the ocean down in Mexico, while his family—his wife, daughters, parents, and a cousin—were ...

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A Lesson on Stewardship from "The Lord of the Rings"

In The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien writes about a kingdom called Gondor which for many years has had no king. While waiting for the rightful heir to come ...

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Defining the American Dream

What U.S. adults say is their idea of the American Dream:

  • Free to accomplish anything: 74 percent
  • Free to say/do what they want: 68 percent
  • Children financially better-off: 64 percent

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Tim Keller on Self-centered Giving

In his book The Prodigal God, best-selling author and pastor Timothy Keller offers the following story to illustrate self-centered giving:

Once upon a ...

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