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Sermon Illustrations about Security

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Security to help bring your sermon to life.

Gold Doesn't Save

Lt. George Dixon was a genteel, well-respected man in the Confederate Army. In the early days of the war, his fiancée gave him a $20 gold piece. ...

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Handling Life's Pressures

I got a ticket for speeding and had to go to traffic school. In the defensive-driving part, they created a scenario: "You're stopped at a stop ...

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Security in Values

Whenever there is a separation between values and practice, things break down. In ancient China, the people desired security from the barbaric, invading ...

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Freedom over Safety

In his book The Will to Live On, Herman Wouk tells of a meeting he had with modern Israel's first president, David Ben-Gurion, and how Ben-Gurion ...

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Charles Schulz: Lover of Losers

With the death of "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz, many commented on his ability to reflect on the sadnesses of real life through the experiences ...

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The Wisdom of the Coney

The Coney is a rock badger, a bit larger than the prairie dogs that infect our state of Colorado. Coneys are gray, the color of the rocks. As long as ...

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Holy Dependence

There is no security in things. In fact, things are deceptive: they appear to be satisfying and lasting when they are actually temporary and unable to ...

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Peace and Security

Peace is the opposite of security.

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Imprisoned by Money

One sees what happens when the hearts of individuals, and of societies, become seduced by money. It is an ugly, but also completely pathetic sight. Is ...

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The Christian Anchor

If ever you have the chance to visit the catacombs in Rome, those tunnels under the ancient city, where many of the early Christians were buried, you ...

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