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Sermon Illustrations about Secrecy

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Secrecy to help bring your sermon to life.

Two Diverse Sources Agree on the Power of Confession

Two diverse sources—ancient Christian monasticism and modern psychology—agree on at least one thing: keeping dark secrets can destroy us, ...

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What Does Your Internet Trail Say About You?

In his book The Next Story Tim Challies writes:

In 2006, America Online made an epic misjudgment. As part of a research project … the company made ...

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No More Secrets

Pastor and author John Ortberg writes of the power of no-secret friendships:

One of the most important moments of my spiritual life was when I sat down ...

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What You Hide Reveals Much

You get tremendous insights into a person's motivations and problems by what they want to hide.

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Dirty Windows

We need more transparency in the church, not fear of it. It's difficult for men and women alike to be transparent in an evangelical church. You put ...

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The Light of Being

Character is what a man is in the dark.

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We Are Like the Moon

Men are like the earth and we are like the moon; we turn always one side to them and they think there is no other.

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Naked and Ashamed

Human shame is a feeling of distress at our deficiencies, deformities, or absurdities--real or imagined--and especially at the uncovering of these things. ...

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Clothed by God

Human beings generate shame; God covers it with a durable product that requires the shedding of blood. Human beings suffer a metaphysical chill; God warms ...

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Admitting Failure to Family

When the family knows you don't pretend to have it all together, that you admit failure, that you're sorry and want to do better, they can handle ...

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