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Sermon Illustrations about Savior

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Savior to help bring your sermon to life.

A Native American Prophecy of Christmas

In 1740 the Skitswish, a small Native American tribe in northern Idaho, had a prophet/chief named Circling Raven of whom it was said he could communicate ...

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TV Commercial Trades Oppression for Addiction

A powerful 60-second TV commercial depicts Mexico's long march out of poverty and oppression. At the beginning of the ad, thousands of Mexicans, men and ...

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Trapped Chilean Miners Couldn't Rescue Themselves

In the fall of 2010, billions of people around the globe were captivated by the story of the Chilean miners. Trapped beneath two thousand feet of solid ...

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Film 'Taken' Shows a Father's Relentless Pursuit of His Daughter

In the 2008 film Taken, Liam Neeson plays Bryan Mills, a former CIA operative who determines to track down his teenage daughter after she's been kidnapped ...

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A Skydiving Instructor Takes the Fall for His Student

For her 54th birthday, Shirley Dygert of Teague, Texas, decided she needed some more excitement in her life. So this grandmother of three signed up for ...

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Brothers Living in Cave Discover They Are Mega-millionaires

Flat broke and homeless, brothers Geza and Zslot Peladi literally lived in a cave near Budapest for years. They left their dank home only to scrape together ...

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Suicidal Man Pushed Off Bridge

The Bible says of Jesus the Messiah, "A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out." To understand an idea ...

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Pastor's Wife Forgives Gunman

Fred Winters, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois, was shot and killed during a Sunday service on March 8, 2009, by a troubled young ...

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The God of Exodus and Easter

The gospel message says: "You don't live in a mechanistic world ruled by necessity; you don't live in a random world ruled by chance; you ...

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Prop Illustration for Good Friday Service

Texts: Assorted texts from the Passion accounts of the Gospels and Isaiah 52:13–53:12

Principle: The weight of the sins we have committed and the ...

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