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Sermon Illustrations about Salvation by grace

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Salvation by grace to help bring your sermon to life.

Getting Rid of the 'Kicker' In the Good News

I once asked a Jewish friend to forgive the church and me for [how the church has sometimes hurt] Jews in the name of Christ. I waited for him to tell ...

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A Life-Saving Cyclist

The George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, is a busy thoroughfare for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists—including ...

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Actor Rob Lowe on Karma

"I try to hold on to the things I believe to be good and true. Good things happen to good people. Karma is real. There is a larger, better plan for us ...

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People Like Free Stuff … Except Maybe Salvation

Here's an interesting article from the world of economics about how much we like free stuff. The article provides many examples like this one: "Some ...

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The Rigor of Grace

Grace is opposed to merit, but it is not opposed to effort.

—Bradley Nassif, professor of biblical and theological studies at North Park University ...

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A Debt Was Paid in Full

Author James Herriot tells of an unforgettable wedding anniversary he and his wife celebrated early in their marriage. His boss had encouraged him to ...

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Suffering Boy Given an Extravagant Gift

In his book Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them, John Ortberg tells of a young man named John Gilbert. At age five, John was diagnosed with ...

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Salvation Given, Never Earned

One ad for the U.S. Marines pictures a sword, and beneath it the words: "Earned, never given." If you want to become a Marine, be prepared to ...

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A Muslim in Need of a Savior

Author and pastor John MacArthur recalls this story:

I was flying down to El Paso to do a men's conference. I was working on some thoughts and had ...

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Principal Takes Student's Punishment

A modern parable: At a parochial middle school, a boy stands with back arched and hands clenched. "Go ahead, give it to me," he says.

The principal ...

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