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Sermon Illustrations about Salt

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Salt to help bring your sermon to life.

Christian Company Hires Mostly Ex-convicts

The United States has the largest prison population in the world, with 2.2 million adults behind bars. The United States also consumes more coffee ...

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Young Atheists Respect Christian Conviction

The Christian scholar Larry Taunton launched a nationwide campaign to interview college students who belong to atheistic campus groups. After receiving ...

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Australian Writer Led to Christ by a Neighbor's Kindness

Tim Winton is Australia's most celebrated novelist today. Author of more than a dozen bestselling books and winner of numerous literary prizes, Winton ...

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Shared Meals Create Opportunities to Share Christ

In his book A Meal with Jesus, Tim Chester shares the following stories about how various church communities in England are sharing Jesus through shared ...

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Secular Reporter Praises the Work of Evangelicals

In 2011 New York Times editorialist Nicholas Kristof wrote a column praising the work of many evangelical Christians. Kristof begins by noting that at ...

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Fred Rogers ("Mr. Rogers") Created Rather Than Complained

In a moving tribute to Fred Rogers, Jonathon Merritt recounts how Rogers chose to reform society through his gentle and persistent influence on a children's ...

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Studies Show That American Creativity Is Declining

"For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining." That's the first line in a 2010 cover story for Newsweek. The ...

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Professor Moves from Agnostic to Seeker

In seminary my Bible professor was Manfred George Gutzke, a Canadian like myself who had an impressively large physique and had been the boxing champion ...

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Missionary Saves Lives of Twins

An article syndicated in the Agence France-Presse told of a town in Southwest Nigeria that calls itself "The Land of Twins." Why the odd nickname? ...

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Function of Salt

In The Journal of Biblical Counseling, Timothy Keller makes the following observation about salt:

The job of salt is to make something taste good. I don't ...

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