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Sermon Illustrations about Safety

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Safety to help bring your sermon to life.

Woman Rides Out Hurricane Gustav

What do you need in a pinch? What do you rely on in a disaster, when things are falling apart in your world? What do you trust in when your survival is ...

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Missionaries Survive Plane Crash

On April 15, 2008, Barry and Marybeth Mosier, Seventh-day Adventist missionaries to Tanzania for eight years, climbed aboard a plane bound for Kinsangani, ...

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Man Crashes Wearing Fake Seat Belt

Seatbelts can be a hassle. Some people just don't want to be bothered even when the law requires them to buckle up. According to the Associated Press, ...

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Troops Ask About Lack of Proper Equipment

On December 8th, 2004, a single question from a young soldier touched off a media firestorm. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had come to deliver ...

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Ladder Safety Mirrors Spiritual Safety

A Health Letter from the Mayo Clinic offered these 12 tips for ladder safety:

1. Have somebody nearby to get help if you fall. 2. Don't get on a ladder ...

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Bible Reading Does Not Guarantee Invincibility

In his book Mayflower, historian Nathaniel Philbrick recounts the struggle of the Pilgrims during the shaping of early America. Although the first Pilgrims ...

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The Golden Gate Bridge's "Dance of Danger"

Newspapers called it the "Dance of Danger"—bridge construction on top of swaying catwalks and high towers, sometimes hundreds of feet ...

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Persecuted Pastors Lifted Up by Prayer

In 2005, a Vietnamese pastor known as Silas was told by local authorities that he could expect to see trouble if his church continued to operate without ...

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Safety in God's Will

The center of God's will is our only safety.

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Hardly Safe

[Since] last spring ... I look for tornadoes. ... One personal encounter with a power that before was only theoretical can make all the difference. You ...

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