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Sermon Illustrations about Sabbath

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Sabbath to help bring your sermon to life.

Will Rogers on Wasting Time

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

—Humorist Will Rogers (1879-1935)

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Albert Schweitzer on Sabbath Rest

"If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan."

—Physician, missionary Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965)

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J. I. Packer on Leisure

We should "choose the leisure activities that bring us closest to God, to people, to beauty, and to all that ennobles." –J. I. Packer

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Bringing Our Souls to Work

Tim J. McGuire, former editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and former president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, speaking at a seminar ...

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Living Fast-Paced Lives

A Tacoma, Washington, newspaper carried the story of Tattoo the basset hound. Tattoo didn't intend to go for an evening run, but when his owner shut ...

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Seeking to Prove God's Existence

Author and neurologist Oliver Sacks writes of his religious experience:

There had been some religious feeling, of a childish sort, in the years before ...

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"Chariots of Fire": Living by Principle

The film Chariots of Fire is a true story about two British runners competing in the 1924 Olympics. Eric Liddell, a devout Christian, was encouraged by ...

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Sabbath for the Tongue

In his book Sabbath Time, Tilden Edwards tells about a family with teenage children who decided, as part of their Sabbath commitments, that they would ...

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Working to Death

Sherman James, an epidemiologist [someone who researches epidemic diseases] at the University of Michigan, describes a personality type named John Henryism. ...

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Doing Business God's Way

Truett Cathy has answered the question "What would Jesus do?" The founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants is a successful businessman, but for many, ...

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