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Sermon Illustrations about Rights

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Rights to help bring your sermon to life.

Pirating Music

In the New York Times Paul Heltzel writes:

Despite record industry efforts to curb the spread of copyrighted music on the Internet, college students are ...

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From Responsibility to Rights

We have seen a gradual change over the past several decades in our society from emphasizing individual responsibility to emphasizing, almost glorifying, ...

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No Christian Bill of Rights

You will find nothing more searching than what the New Testament has to say with regard to the miserable, petty line of insisting on my rights. The Holy ...

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Loving God or Starving?

There is a famine of compassion and unselfish, lasting, growing, true love among human beings because of the blast of egotistic desire to have "rights" ...

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Right and Wrong Inescapable

The effects of virtue-free social policy have been devastating--but we don't seem quite ready to accept the alternative. Few politicians are comfortable ...

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