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Sermon Illustrations about Righteousness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Righteousness to help bring your sermon to life.

Better a Saint than a Scholar

It is better to be a saint than a scholar; indeed, the only way to be a true scholar is to be striving to be a true saint.

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The Importance of Love

A man is only as good as what he loves.

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The Narrow Way

The Christian way is not the middle way between extremes, but the narrow way between precipices.

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A Captive Conscience

My conscience has been taken captive by the Word of God, and to go against conscience or Scripture is neither right nor safe.

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The Real Me

An English one-liner that has always amused me is: "A gentleman is one who uses the butter knife when he is alone." In other words, it's ...

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Unhidden before God

After an elegant evening out, I discovered--to my dismay--that my back collar was unbuttoned, exposing a three-inch triangle of flesh. I realized the ...

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Reasons to Avoid Sin

Good men avoid sin from the love of virtue; wicked men avoid sin from a fear of punishment.

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