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Sermon Illustrations about Righteousness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Righteousness to help bring your sermon to life.

The Real 'Santa Claus' Rescues Three Innocents

History seems to confirm at least a few key details from the life of Nicholas of Myra, the real early church leader we know today as Santa Claus. One ...

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Christian Tourists Steal Items from C. S. Lewis's Favorite Pub

James Emery White tells the following story about his visit to the Eagle and Child pub in Great Britain, the place where C. S. Lewis and his friends used ...

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Parents Pay Their Son's Debts and Credit His Account

Michael Horton uses the following story to illustrate how Christ has paid our debt of sin and credited us with his righteousness:

After my junior year ...

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Students Share Their Biggest Fear: "God Is Disappointed with Me"

Skye Jethani relates a story about holding a series of meetings with college-aged students. The topics ranged across the spectrum—doctrine, hell, ...

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Father’s Example Helps His Son with Life’s Questions

Timothy Dalrymple, 34, editor of Patheos.com, was the NCAA's top-ranked gymnast as a sophomore at Stanford until a broken neck ended his career. In God's ...

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Film Portrays Our Attempt to Buy God’s Forgiveness

The movie Get Low is the story of a 1930s Tennessee hermit, Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), who threw his own funeral party—while he was still alive. ...

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Billboard Asks “Are You Good Without God?”

In 2009, a new billboard in downtown Chicago got everyone's attention, stirring some controversy. In big letters it asked: "Are you good without God? ...

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The Choice: Christ's Righteousness or Our Own

My four-year-old, first-born daughter is—in typical first-born fashion—an agonizer. She agonizes over decisions, weighing her options, sometimes ...

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How NFL Rookies Make the Team

The 2010 website of the Chicago Bears football team presented a series of videos that followed the team's rookies from their first arrival at training ...

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Recognizing That We Live in Full View of God

Tri Robinson, pastor of Vineyard Boise Church in Boise, Idaho, shares the following story:

[Early in my life as a believer] I had become very involved ...

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