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Sermon Illustrations about Resurrection of believers

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Resurrection of believers to help bring your sermon to life.

Rock Star Reflects on His Mortality

Iggy Popp (aged 69 as of January 2017) is a singer, musician, and actor, whose band, the Stooges, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In ...

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Two Aging Actresses Discuss Death

Two aging actresses and longtime friends, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, bantered about death in a recent magazine interview. Tomlin (born in 1939) recalled ...

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Musician Sting Hopes for A Peaceful Death

International musician Sting has won 16 Grammy Awards and sold over 100 million records. But in a recent interview for Rolling Stone, the 64-year-old ...

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Christopher Hitchens Considers Christ's Resurrection

The publicist for the late author and debater Christopher Hitchens asked Christian author Larry Taunton to arrange a series of debates between Hitchens, ...

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The Eternal Souls All Around Us

About every ten seconds, on average about 26 people die. By extrapolating from various statistics, including death rates and world populations and religious ...

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The Joys in Heaven Go on Forever

This world and its history are prelude and foretaste; all the sunrises and sunsets, symphonies and rock concerts, feasts and friendships are but whispers. ...

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A Coach's Eulogy for His Wife

In mid-February (2016), Monty Williams, an Assistant Coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder pro basketball team, stood at his wife's funeral to give ...

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Larry King Tries to Beat the Despair of Death

A lengthy interview with TV personality Larry King claimed that the now 81-year-old (as of 2015) King is "fixated on dying." The New York Times interviewer ...

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Larry King's Fear of Death

The New York Times recently (2015) reported that television commentator Larry King "is obsessed with death." His day begins with reading obituaries, and ...

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World Death Rate Holds Steady At 100 Percent

The satirical site The Onion ran a humorous (note: fictional) article with a biting truth. The article was titled "World Death Rate Holding Steady at ...

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