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Sermon Illustrations about Reproof

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Reproof to help bring your sermon to life.

A Gospel of Easy Love

We could not bear to live in a world where wrong is taken lightly and where right and wrong finally make no difference. Spare me a gospel of easy love ...

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Mother Reproves Actor

Everybody needs somebody who's willing to deflate their egos from time to time—even movie stars like Denzel Washington. Once Washington was ...

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Listen Up, Long Ears

If one man calls you a donkey, pay him no mind. If two men call you a donkey, get a saddle.

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Silence Isn't Always Golden

At times one hesitates to reprove or admonish evil-doers, either because one seeks a more favorable moment or fears his rebuke might make them worse, ...

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Offending the Guilty

I find it impossible to avoid offending guilty men, for there is no way of avoiding it but by our silence or their patience; and silent we cannot be because ...

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