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Sermon Illustrations about Remembrance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Remembrance to help bring your sermon to life.

Poor Memory

The Yankee Christian virtues ... have not been disqualified or proved inadequate; they have simply lost currency, which is to say they are no longer clearly ...

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Know Your History

There is an aphorism: He who forgets his own history is condemned to repeat it. If we don't know our own history, we will simply have to endure all ...

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Forgotten Data

Tragedy is often like a giant eraser, cleaning our mental tapes of preceding data. Luke tells of two followers walking hurriedly away from Jerusalem, ...

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No Useful Past

What is worrisome is the absolute domination of the present in so many homes, and the absence of any shared past. It isn't a class phenomenon so much ...

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Whatever Happened to History?

Some [evangelicals] have fixated upon "me and the Bible, and especially me," so that what Bible reading becomes is primarily an assertion of ...

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The End of Judas

Think of Judas. Judas decided to follow Jesus. Judas heard Jesus teach. He went out two by two with the others, healing the sick and exorcising demons. ...

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