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Sermon Illustrations about Religion, non-Christian

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Religion, non-Christian to help bring your sermon to life.

Book Reviewer Learns to Beware Spiritual Influences

While studying my way through a Ph.D program, I worked part time as the book review editor for a large website devoted to religion, spirituality, and ...

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Stats on World Religions

The second edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia (Oxford University Press, 2001) reports the following statistical estimates:

Christianity has become ...

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Gallup Youth Survey

When George Gallup asked teens, "How much interest do you have in learning more about the following religions?" the percentage who said they had a "great ...

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Religious Tolerance

Roger Williams, who fled Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island colony in pursuit of religious liberty, writes in The Bloody Tenant of Persecution (1644): ...

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Pious Evil

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.

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