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Sermon Illustrations about Receiving Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Receiving Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Gifts Can Be Difficult to Accept

Reader's Digest wrote of the late Harvey Penick: "For 90-year-old golf pro Harvey Penick, success has come late. His first golf book, Harvey Penick's ...

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Our Example

Thou the Cross didst bear:

What bear I?

Thou the Thorn didst wear:

What wear I?

Thou to death didst dare:

What dare I?

Thou for me dost care:

What care I?

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Shine on Me

Every morning for two years I battled with my son Jordan to get him up for school. Everything changed when he left his window shades up at night. In the ...

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Communion with God: Two-Way Street

Mary and Joseph, along with both the simple shepherds and the learned Wise Men, show us that communication with the Lord needs two partners: God sends ...

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Be Born in Us Today

If Jesus were born one thousand times in Bethlehem and not in me, then I would still be lost.

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So Skeptical a Salvation

I had hoped to illustrate the availability of God's gift of salvation. "Whoever wants this beautiful Christmas poinsettia may have it," ...

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Receiving the Word

The receiving of the Word consist of two parts: attention of mind and intention of will.

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The Necessity of Regeneration

Without regeneration, all human efforts to improve the quality of life (mental or physical) are limited.

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