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Sermon Illustrations about Rebuke

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Rebuke to help bring your sermon to life.

Parents Sometimes Love by Complaining

Some years ago, when a serial killer known as the Hillside Strangler was attacking and killing young women in our La CaƱada neighborhood, our teenage ...

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A Pastor's Successful Rebuke

A single man in our congregation was behaving inappropriately toward women. He badgered some women with unwanted phone calls. His conversations were reportedly ...

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Learning to Heed Rebuke

In the earliest days of my ministry, I cultivated the habit of meeting with our board chairman every Monday morning to gain his perspective on how things ...

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Vince Gill Learns a Lesson

Country singer Vince Gill tells about meeting a young cancer patient named Tara:

I remember meeting her in the hospital after playing golf all day, and ...

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Willing to Be Corrected

Early in his career, Matt Redman, the popular Christian musician in Britain, was singing with his church's praise band when his pastor confronted ...

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Leaders: How Confident?

In the movie U-571, actor Matthew McConaughey plays Lt. Andrew Tyler, a World War II naval officer assigned to a U.S. submarine on a mission to capture ...

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A Saving Rebuke

One time, twenty or so years ago, I was in Japan on a speaking tour with a close personal friend. He was a number of years older than I was. As we walked ...

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All Are to Be Loved

Disturbers are to be rebuked, the low-spirited to be encouraged, the infirm to be supported, objectors confuted, the treacherous guarded against, the ...

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A Scare Works Better than Advice

P.S. Regarding your D in biology, let me only say that sometimes a scare is worth more than good advice.

I love you,


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Silence Isn't Always Golden

At times one hesitates to reprove or admonish evil-doers, either because one seeks a more favorable moment or fears his rebuke might make them worse, ...

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