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Sermon Illustrations about Rage

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Rage to help bring your sermon to life.

"Bridezilla's" Rage Rocks Reception

Adrienne and David Samen eloped, and shortly after the 21-year-old Marine reservist left for active duty in Iraq. For six months the 18-year-old bride ...

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Submarine Sunk by Its Own Torpedo

During World War II, the U.S. submarine Tang surfaced under cover of darkness to fire on a large Japanese convoy off the coast of China. Since previous ...

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Athletes Lose Through Anger

Norm Evans, all-pro tackle for the Miami Dolphins for several years, once confided, "It's really dangerous for a pro football player to get angry. ...

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Road Rage

Fighting rush-hour traffic from suburban Maryland to Washington D.C. can cause its share of near misses and irritating moments. One morning, a young lady ...

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Buried Anger Will Explode

In a 1994 article, "Wars' Lethal Leftovers Threaten Europeans," Associated Press reporter Christopher Burns writes: "The bombs of World ...

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Anger Is Its Own Reward

Jim Taylor in Currents tells the following story about his friend, Ralph Milton:

One morning Ralph woke up at five o'clock to a noise that sounded ...

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The Foolishness of Anger

The Arizona Republic (4/25/95) reported that when Steve Tran of Westminster, California, closed the door on 25 activated bug bombs, he thought he had ...

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