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Sermon Illustrations about Questions

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Questions to help bring your sermon to life.

God's Good Gifts

In your prayer, do not hesitate to thank the Lord for all that he gives. This is often difficult since we are not always willing to receive some of the ...

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Train Your Doubt

Your doubt can become a good quality if you "train" it. ... Ask it, whenever it wants to spoil something for you, "why" something ...

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Sound and Fury That Signifies Something

One of the great treats to me in this last Thanksgiving break was a television concert presented by the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was Eugene Ormandy's ...

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Doubt Is Natural

We are born questioners. Look at the wonderment of a little child in its eyes before it can speak. The child's great word when it begins to speak ...

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A Little Job

Not too long ago I was babysitting one of our three, 3-year-old grandchildren. In our family, we had twins and a single birth all within 24 hours. We ...

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Loving the Question

To say the Jesuit novitiate was Spartan is an understatement. It was terrible. We knelt on wooden blocks for three hours a day--we all had housemaid's ...

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Why Me

Not too long ago I was babysitting one of our three, 3-year-old grandchildren. As I waved good bye to his parents, he looked perfectly all right. We had ...

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When God Seems Distant

As the farthest reach of our love for each other is loving our enemies, as the farthest reach of God's love for us is loving us at our most unlovable ...

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All the Wrong Questions

The ultimate questions people of our day are asking are these: What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose behind my life and my destiny? What questions ...

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How God Answers Our Questions

God will answer all our questions in one way and one way only--namely, by showing us more of his Son.

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