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Sermon Illustrations about Pursuing Sinners

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pursuing Sinners to help bring your sermon to life.

The 911 System Must Find New Ways to Reach Lost People

A 2011 article in Time reported that our emergency response system, or 911, is quickly becoming outdated and must be retooled in order to reach people ...

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Chris Seay's Father Demonstrates How to Love the "Unlovely"

In his book The Gospel According to Jesus, Chris Seay mentions a profound lesson he learned from his father about loving the "bad people":

Growing up, ...

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Photojournalist Continues Taking Pictures as Woman Drowns

One video version of the NPR radio show This American Life captured the story of a prize-winning photojournalist. At one point he soberly confessed that ...

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Christian Scientist Francis Collins Befriends Atheist Christopher Hitchens

The Telegraph, a newspaper based in Great Britain, reported on an unlikely bond of friendship and trust between two very different people: Francis Collins, ...

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Volunteer Makes the Difference in a Young Man's Life

After graduating from college, Bethany W. started a year-long volunteer program with Emmaus Ministries, a Chicago-based outreach to young men involved ...

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A Groom Rescues His Bride from Disaster

On Friday, February 25, 2011, Emma Howard and Chris Greenslade were married at Christ the King Church in Christchurch, New Zealand. But getting to the ...

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An Unlikely Friendship Opens a Door to Share Christ

Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret name, shared a story about his encounter with an older man named Bob. While Kary was at the local gym, trying ...

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Runaway Teenager Repents and Comes Home

In her book, Unbroken, author Laura Hillenbrand tells the story of Olympic runner and World War II POW survivor Louie Zamperini. As a young teenager living ...

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Father Repeatedly Rescues His Son from Danger

In a humorous 2011 Chevrolet commercial titled "Tommy," a Silverado pick-up truck acts like a modern-day Lassie, repeatedly rescuing a young boy named ...

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The Hound of Heaven Pursued John Stott

In his love for us Jesus acts like a hound-dog, intense and focused as he pursues the hunt. That image comes from Francis Thompson, a 19th century British ...

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