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Sermon Illustrations about Providence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Providence to help bring your sermon to life.

Christian Apologist Found His Calling through Limitations

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article about William Lane Craig, the man they called "Christian philosophy's boldest apostle." Craig has ...

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Bowler's Life Spared by His Imperfect Game

On any given night at a bowling alley in America, you might find someone who has bowled a 300, a perfect game. A good bowler on a hot streak can roll ...

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Characters from the Film Hugo Explore Life's Purpose

Hugo is the 2011 Martin Scorsese film about an orphan boy, Hugo, who secretly maintains the colossal train station clocks in 1930s Paris. Hugo had a tender ...

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A Folktale about Why Bad Things Happen

There is a story about an old man who lived in a small village:

He was the poorest man in the village, but he owned the most beautiful white stallion. ...

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Father Explains Death to His Son

In the fall of 1991, a car driven by a drunk driver jumped its lane and smashed headfirst into a minivan driven by Jerry Sittser. Sittser and three of ...

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Ministry Leader in Uganda Finds God's Surprising Confirmation

Chuck Swindoll shares the following story about a conversation with a Christian leader who started a new ministry for the Navigators in Uganda. The man ...

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Research Points to Our Belief in an "Ordinary God"

Several years ago in Britain, researchers went door-to-door asking persons about their belief in God. One of their questions: "Do you believe in ...

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The Variety of Food Points to God's Goodness

Think of your favorite food. Steak perhaps. Or Thai green curry. Or ice cream. Or homemade apple pie. God could have just made fuel. He could have made ...

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Young Man Discovers That God Is For Us

Keith Hartsell of Wheaton, Illinois shared the following experience:

I was with a friend a few years ago in California, and as we were driving around the ...

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Wendell Berry Character Reflects on God's Providence

As he looks back on his long life, Jayber Crow, the main character in Wendell Berry's novel, reflects on how God's guidance and providence often ...

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