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Sermon Illustrations about Prostitution

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Prostitution to help bring your sermon to life.

Chicago Ministry Reaches Out to Male Prostitutes

When a gnawing crack addiction engulfed Andy's life almost two decades ago, he abandoned family and friends. He was sleeping on park benches in Chicago's ...

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Helping Women Build New Lives

Tragically, Cynthia's story is typical for the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. "I was introduced to moonshine at 5-years-old," she says, "to smoking ...

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German Unemployed Forced to Work in a Brothel

Unemployed women in Germany who refuse to work in a brothel face the risk of losing their unemployment benefits. A U.K news source, The Telegraph, reports: ...

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Prostitutes Experience Redemption

Philip Yancey recounts stories of prostitutes who have been brought into the kingdom of God:

Juanita, for example, was sold into sexual slavery by her ...

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Prostitute Resists Her Chance for Freedom

New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof chose two Cambodian prostitutes and attempted to buy their freedom from their brothel owners. He selected young ...

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Japan Searches for Atonement

In two full pages of advertisement, the Japanese government declared its desire to right wrongs committed in World War II. The Asian Women's Fund, led ...

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Iraqi Freedom Breeds Immorality

Ali is a young man with little money and no wife. This is all the incentive he needs to take the ninety-minute bus ride from his village to Baghdad. As ...

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