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Sermon Illustrations about Predestination

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Predestination to help bring your sermon to life.

The Gospel Is Not a Generic Jingle

In the early 80s, an image campaign began in the city of Atlanta with the hopes of encouraging Atlantans to see their city with pride and hope—despite ...

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Baseball Scout Saw Years Down the Road

Tony Liciardello was baseball's greatest scout, having signed fifty-two youngsters (including two Hall of Famers) who would rise through the minor league ...

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Three Films that Explore Free Will

How free am I? How does God's sovereignty interact with our free will? Do we even have free will or is our life's course determined by God or by other ...

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The Elect Are Called to Rescue Others

Regarding the doctrine of election, Christopher Wright notes that election isn't just for our individual benefit and salvation. According to the biblical ...

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Neighbor Helps Rescue an Uncooperative Cat

A year or two ago my friend Linda's cat escaped. It was cold and rainy, and that cat would not come home. Not for three days! The cat wasn't exactly lost; ...

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The Hound of Heaven Pursued John Stott

In his love for us Jesus acts like a hound-dog, intense and focused as he pursues the hunt. That image comes from Francis Thompson, a 19th century British ...

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"Rocky": Chosen to Do Battle

"Rocky" is the famous inspirational movie about a down-and-out mediocre boxer seizing an incredible opportunity. Heavyweight champion Apollo Creed's opponent ...

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"Troy": Destiny

In the movie Troy, Achilles (Brad Pitt) answers why he chose to be a great warrior:

"I chose nothing. I was born, and this is what I am."

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Glad to Be Chosen

Entertainer Garrison Keilor recalls the childhood pain of being chosen last for the baseball teams.

The captains are down to their last grudging choices: ...

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The Blasphemy of Predestination

The grace or love of God, whence cometh our salvation, is free in all, and free for all. To this some have answer'd, "No: it is free only for ...

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