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Sermon Illustrations about Prayer, Unanswered

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Prayer, Unanswered to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Finds Bag of Unopened Prayers

What happens to our prayers after we send them out? For 300 people living in the New Jersey area, the answer to that question is not very encouraging.

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"Rudy": Man Is Not God

Rudy is the true story of a young overachiever (played by Sean Astin) and his tenacious pursuit of his dream to attend the University of Notre Dame and ...

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Missionary Gracia Burnham on Comprehending God

Missionary Gracia Burnham, who was held captive by terrorists in the Philippines for more than a year and whose husband was killed during the rescue, ...

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Man Prays at Wailing Wall

A journalist assigned to the Jerusalem bureau takes an apartment overlooking the Wailing Wall. Every day when she looks out, she sees an old Jewish man ...

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Prayer for Mother's Recovery Goes Unanswered

Pastor Randy Frazee shared this with his congregation:

My mother was dying. I went to God and made a special request. By her bedside I prayed 50 times. ...

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Mother's Unanswered Prayer for Self-Improvement

We all know what it's like to still have growing to do.

Jeanne Olsen, a mother of five from Illinois, took her daughter Kirsten, age 9, out for a mother-daughter ...

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Persevering Prayer for a Drug-Addicted Son

In Pray! magazine, Jennifer Kennedy Dean tells this story:

Several years ago, Mary (not her real name) came to me for prayer. She was desperate and afraid. ...

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Healed from Anger

In Preaching Today, author and speaker Tony Campolo tells this story:

I was in a church in Oregon not too long ago, and I prayed for a man who had cancer. ...

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Student's Impossible Prayer Unanswered

However much he may want to, I do not believe God will answer the prayer of the student who turned in his test and prayed, "O God, please let Paris ...

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Political Prayer

Every once in a while, a minister's prayer opening a state legislature somewhere makes the news. Usually it's because it's too "exclusive," ...

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