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Sermon Illustrations about Prayer, Intercessory

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Prayer, Intercessory to help bring your sermon to life.

He Counts the Hair on Your Head

One night my 11-year-old daughter Eva noticed I was distracted as I tucked her in to bed. I told her about a friend's teenage daughter whose hair ...

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The Importance of Paul's Prayers

It's useful to notice the prayers of Paul because what he prays for in the beginning he talks about in the letter.

Maybe you have had this experience ...

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Antidote for Envy

If I think about your success, plan for your success, pray for your success, genuinely hope for your success, and work for your success, then I will rejoice ...

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A True High-Pressure Situation

Going to bat in the ninth is nothing compared to praying in an intensive care unit.

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