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Sermon Illustrations about Power, spiritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Power, spiritual to help bring your sermon to life.

What Does Filled with the Spirit Mean?

Andrew Wilson writes in an article for Christianity Today:

When you’re sailing, is “being filled with the wind” an experience or a habit? ...

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Real Power Comes from Admitting our Limitations

Larry Parsley convincingly writes on the need to recognize our limitations:

Henry Worsley, a former British army commando and then Arctic explorer, was ...

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Learning to Soar in the Power of the Spirit

In a recent (2017) book, Kenneth Boa compares a soaring eagle to Christians learning to soar through the power of the Holy Spirit:

God seems to like eagles. ...

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The Holy Spirit Acts Like a Broken Hip

Someone (J.D. Grear) has said that many of us think that the Holy Spirit is like our pituitary gland. You know it's there, you're glad you've got it, ...

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Farmer Can't Find the Water Supply on His Land

In the classic French film Jean de Florette, townspeople in a small village in Provence, France conspire against a local landowner named Jean who has ...

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A Laser—the Power of Unified Light

In 1957 a graduate student at Columbia University named Gordon Gould had been working with "pumping" atoms to higher energy states so they would emit ...

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Limitations Are Life's Building Blocks

The architect Frank Gehry, well-known for designing the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, believes that constraints are the building blocks of great ...

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Schoolteacher Started African Revival

In 1935, Blasio Kugosi, a schoolteacher in Rwanda, Central Africa, was deeply discouraged by the lack of life in the church and the powerlessness of his ...

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God Is the Invisible Locomotive

On my way to a conference in Colorado, I was driving uphill along a major interstate when I overtook a freight train going the same direction at a slower ...

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Christ's Undisputed Control

Suppose you are alone in your house with your preschool children, and an intruder enters. If you doubt your power over the intruder, your house becomes ...

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