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Sermon Illustrations about Potential

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Potential to help bring your sermon to life.

Henry Ford on Reputation

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

—Henry Ford (1863–1947)

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Stolen Dreams

Larry Carter, president of Great Lakes Christian College, tells the following true story:

I remember when I was a kid, some 40 years ago, playing on a ...

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The World's Worst Waste

A man by his sin may waste himself, which is to waste that which on earth is most like God. This is man's greatest tragedy, God's heaviest grief. ...

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Treating the Future Man

If you treat an individual as he is, he will stay that way, but if you treat him as if he were what he could be, he will become what he could be.

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More than Reaching Goals

It is not a matter primarily of whether or not we reach our particular goals. Life is more than just reaching our goals. As individuals and as a group ...

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Celebrating the Now

We look forward to the promise of each day, having discovered the secret that the good old days are here and now.

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Great Expectations

A conductor cannot plan beyond the musicians' abilities, but he must plan up to their possibilities.

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Be All That You Can Be

Your great glory is not to be inferior to what God has made you.

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An Angel Inside

I've read that Michelangelo, the great sculptor and painter, was pushing a heavy rock up a small incline to his work area so that he could do some ...

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