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Sermon Illustrations about Popularity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Popularity to help bring your sermon to life.

The Goal of Every Individual

How do I want to be remembered? Not primarily as a Christian scholar, but rather as a loving person. This can be the goal of every individual.

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Popularity Doesn't Make It Right

Never confuse the will of the majority with the will of God.

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Being Offensive for Christ

We don't want to be personally or institutionally offensive, but we cannot buffer the offense of the cross.

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Truly Caring for People

To truly care for people requires not caring too much about their approval or disapproval.

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Purpose or Notoriety

Two centuries ago, when a great man appeared, people looked for God's purpose in him. Today we look for his press agent.

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Minding Our Own Business

We might have much peace, if we were of a mind not to concern ourselves with what others say and do, and which is none of our business. How can he long ...

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Sin's Deception

When John Belushi died in the spring of 1983 of an overdose of cocaine and heroin, a variety of articles appeared, including one in U.S. News and World ...

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