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Sermon Illustrations about Pluralism

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pluralism to help bring your sermon to life.

When Tolerance Is a Vice

Tolerance is one of today's most coveted virtues. But there are at least three different kinds of tolerance.

First, there is legal tolerance: fighting ...

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Debunking Pluralism

Pluralists contend that no one religion can know the fullness of spiritual truth, and therefore all religions are valid. But while it is good to acknowledge ...

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The New Paganism

It is highly probable that in tomorrow's world Christianity will need to fend for itself either in a secularized social milieu of intellectual atheism ...

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Whose Pluralism?

Recently a biology professor at a state school in California decided evolution was for the monkeys and taught creation in his classes. As a result, the ...

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Nothing in Common

Liberals are always talking about pluralism, but that is not what they mean. ... In public school, Jews don't meet Christians. Christians don't ...

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The Only Way

The Christian way is not the "middle way" between extremes but the "narrow way" between precipices.

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Pluralism Is Not New

While religious pluralism may be a novel experience for us, it is putting us in touch with the world that surrounded the biblical authors. The pluralism ...

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