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Sermon Illustrations about Pleasure, sinful

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pleasure, sinful to help bring your sermon to life.

Why Sin Tastes Good

Leann Birch, a developmental psychologist at Penn State University, ran an experiment in which she took a large group of kids and fed them a big lunch. ...

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Darryl Strawberry and Drugs

"Life has not been worth living for me. That's the honest truth."

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Power of Temptation

The tuna are running only 30 miles off Cape Cod. And they are biting! All you need to catch one is a sharp hook and some bait. And the rewards for doing ...

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Root of All Evil

Once the longing for money comes, the longing also comes for what money can give: superfluities, nice rooms, luxuries at table, more clothes, fans and ...

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God Always Provides Escape


Our train rolled into Kansas City at 1 a.m. Dim lights came on to help the new passengers find seats. Many of us who had been riding home through ...

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The Trouble with Trouble

The trouble with trouble is that it usually starts out as a whole lot of fun.

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The Unforgiving End

Lust in final form spends everything

To purchase headstones.

All passions die in graveyards.

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God Is Not Our Grandfather

We want, in fact, not so much a Father in heaven as a grandfather in heaven--a senile benevolence who, as they say, "liked to see young people enjoying ...

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Sex and Happiness

Perhaps one of the most persistent and obviously invalid assumptions of our civilization is that sexual behavior brings happiness. The media trumpet the ...

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