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Sermon Illustrations about Pleasing Others

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Pleasing Others to help bring your sermon to life.

Landon Donovan on the Fickleness of Praise

Former pro soccer star Landon Donavan was the standard-bearer of American soccer for more than a decade. When Donovan was growing up in California, he ...

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An Imaginary Talk with God about People-pleasing

Think about this the next time you feel pressure to please someone or to please a group of people rather than trying to fear and please God. Picture yourself ...

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University Professor Stands Up for His Faith

At age 26, Ken Elzinga joined the faculty of the University of Virginia. After a tenured colleague warned him that being explicit about his faith would ...

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TV Show 'The Good Wife' on Repentance

In the TV drama The Good Wife, one of the main characters is Peter Florrick, a former state's attorney who went to prison after a sex scandal. Once he ...

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Whitney Houston Wondered, "Am I Good Enough?"

Whitney Houston was the most-awarded female recording artists of all time. She seemed to have it all, and yet her friend and costar Kevin Costner shared ...

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Actor Hugh Jackman's Wounds Still Drive Him

The actor Hugh Jackman, who has played lead roles in X-Men and Les Miserables, describes some of the deep wounds that still drive his life even years ...

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Violinist Scans the Audience for His Master Teacher

In his book What God Thinks When We Fail, Steven C. Roy tells a fictional story about a young violinist who lived in London many years ago. Although he ...

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Young Adults Prefer Praise to Sex or Money

According to a 2011 study reported in USA Today, "Sex, booze or money just can't compare with the jolt of self-esteem." Brad Bushman, the lead author ...

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Criticism Avoiders Anonymous

"Hello. My name is Clark." (The people gathered in the room respond, "Hi, Clark.")

"I am a…" (Group says, "You ...

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Tested through Other People

It is no use pretending we are broken before God if we are not broken in our attitude to those around us. God nearly always tests us through other people. ...

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