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Sermon Illustrations about Persuasion

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Persuasion to help bring your sermon to life.

Rethinking Persuasion in a Post-Truth World

Sharing a Christian worldview with others can often create tense situations. Especially when we are talking with friends and family who do not share our ...

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Off-Grid Adventure Ends in Family Tragedy

Three members of a local family set off on a long-term camping adventure, intent on living off the grid. Their endeavor took a fatal turn when their three ...

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The Lavish Wealth and Influence of Big Tech Companies

New York Times tech writer Shira Ovide tried to describe the size, power, and wealth of the Big Tech companies. She writes, “Every few months, I ...

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Desperate Home Buyer Offers to Name Child After the Seller

The pandemic has done a lot of strange things to the global economy over the last 14 months, from creating a massive shortage of semiconductor chips to ...

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Showing Dignity at Airline Ticket Counter

In an article for Leadership journal, Gordon MacDonald shares the story of a friend who was caught in the middle of a nasty church conflict that had spun ...

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