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Sermon Illustrations about Persecution

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Persecution to help bring your sermon to life.

Unknown Christian Brings Bibles into North Korea

In their book The Privilege of Persecution, Carl Moeller and David Hegg tell the following story about a courageous believer who has helped their ministry ...

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Lithuanian Christian Radiates Christ's Love in Siberia

Nijole Sadunaite is a Lithuanian Christian who was severely persecuted for her faith under Communism. Arrested in 1974 for publishing underground reports ...

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Seven Questions for New Converts in an Asian Country

Asian Access (or A2), a Christian missions agency in South Asia, listed a series of questions that some church planters have been asking new believers ...

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Persecuted Christians Feel Abandoned By American Churches

Congressman Frank Wolf, a committed Christian from Virginia, has been an outspoken advocate for international human rights for the past 30 years. After ...

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Muslim Man Considers the Cost of Following Christ

Haddon Robbinson writes:

Several years ago, I helped lead a tour in Turkey of the churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. On the last night, we ...

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Christian Actor and Director Declines a Sordid Role

Ken Wales, an award-winning TV and film producer, started his Hollywood career as an actor. But early in his career Wales chose to turn down a significant ...

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Persecuted Christians in Pakistan Love Their Enemies

The Christians in Pakistan comprise only 2.5 percent of the total population, a mere "fly on the wall" in this officially Islamic nation. (Ninety-seven ...

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Prayer Miraculously Saves an African Christian Leader

In 2011 there was a gathering of world Christian leaders from 200 countries. One of the speakers was the Anglican archbishop of Jos, Nigeria. His name ...

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'Epistle to Diognetus' Describes the Lifestyle of Early Christians

An early Christian document known as the Epistle to Diognetus (c. A.D. 120-200) is believed to have been written by a man named Athenagoras. In one important ...

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Child Learns About Safety at the Zoo

A grandfather took his daughter and the grandchildren to visit the zoo. As they visited the orangutan exhibit the only thing separating us from these ...

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