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Sermon Illustrations about Parental Influence

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Parental Influence to help bring your sermon to life.

Teach Your Children Well

If you live right, chances are your children will too. That's if you make sure to teach them everything. What you don't teach them, someone else ...

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Bacon and Egg Sandwiches

My mother and I did not "mix." I chose a typical teenage solution to the problem--silence.

I would leave for school in the morning, come home ...

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The Power of a Father

Having grown up virtually fatherless, I know firsthand how much it means to a child to have a caring, loving, involved dad. That's why it's so ...

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Every Day a Gift

I've always been conscious that every experience and every day with my daughter is a gift. I tell my daughter I love her every day of her life, and ...

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A Late Decision

One of the wealthiest men in our community has the dubious distinction of having blown four children out of the saddle: one in prostitution, two in drugs, ...

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The Possibility of Conversion

The possibility of sudden change or sudden conversion is one of the most relevant topics in almost every area of human endeavor. The psychologist and ...

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