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Sermon Illustrations about Paraclete

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Paraclete to help bring your sermon to life.

Our True ‘Cornerman’—the Holy Spirit

You might not know the name Angelo Dundee, but you've undoubtedly heard of Muhammad Ali, probably the most famous professional boxer of all time. For ...

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The Spirit Searches Infinitely Beyond Google

One of the roles of the Holy Spirit is to search, as in search engine. The total number of servers Google employs is a well-kept secret, but one recent ...

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Pentecost Is Like the Opening of the Aswan High Dam

John Piper provides the following helpful illustration of the Holy Spirit before and after Pentecost:

Picture a huge dam for hydroelectric power under ...

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Freed Soldiers Learn to Trust Rescuer's Voice

On January 28, 1945, as World War II was groaning to a close, 121 elite Army Rangers liberated over 500 POWs, mostly Americans, from a Japanese prisoner ...

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Pro Baseball Player Encounters the Spirit's Comfort

Pro baseball player R.A. Dickey was the 2012 National League Cy Young Award winner, the highest honor for a pitcher. But Dickey's career almost ended ...

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Steve Jobs' Death Causes Apple Stock Crash

In April 2013 an article in the USA Today Money section reported that Apple's stock has been struggling. According to the article, "The Apple stock crash ...

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Epileptic Marathoner Finishes with Friend's Help

More than 37,000 runners competed in the 2012 London Marathon. Wilson Kipsang, from Kenya, won the race in an impressive 2:04:44. Simone Clarke took more ...

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Trapped Ice Climber Remembers His Father's Words

In June of 1992, Jim Davidson and Mike Price climbed Mt. Ranier. On the way down from the summit, the two climbers fell 80 feet through a snow bridge ...

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Our Prayers Are like a Paralyzed Man's Groans

Pastor Sinclair Ferguson offered the following personal story to illustrate the Spirit's involvement in our prayer life:

When I was a little boy, I ...

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Doctors Identify "Broken Heart Syndrome"

In many fictional tales, characters die after suffering a devastating loss. The Bible often refers to the anguish of the "broken-hearted." But ...

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