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Sermon Illustrations about Panic

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Panic to help bring your sermon to life.

Fear Overwhelms the Overconfident

On July 21, 1861, raw Yankee recruits marched toward the Confederate Army camping at Bull Run, 30 miles southwest of Washington. The Union soldiers were ...

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Scared to Death

Is it possible to be scared to death? During the January 17, 1994 Northridge/Los Angeles earthquake, over 100 Californians literally died of fright, according ...

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The Definition of Problem

The best definition I've heard of a problem is, "A problem is something I can do something about!"

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Jumping to Conclusions

The San Francisco Examiner (7/7/93) reported that the California State Automobile Association claims office received a package by Federal Express. The ...

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And the Church Was Saved

When a church in a rural section of Canada was being moved, the steeple hit an electric power line and caught fire.

One of the men rushed to a nearby farmhouse ...

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A Definition of Faith

Faith is a refusal to panic.

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