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Sermon Illustrations about Opposition

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Opposition to help bring your sermon to life.

Persecuted Nigerian Pastor Praises God

The Nigerian city of Jos sits on Africa's great fault line between the Muslim north and Christian, and thus has faced terrible things in recent ...

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Adversity Made Abraham Lincoln an Effective Leader

The movie Lincoln provides a glimpse into some of the challenges that President Lincoln faced while he was in office. But the level of suffering this ...

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Judging Others is One of Our Favorite Activities

Like most of us, John Burke (pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas) assumed that he was not a judgmental person. But just in case he was wrong, he ...

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Dog "Accidentally" Shoots His Master

Editor's Note: Although we've added a touch of humor to this story, to the best of our knowledge, this story was based on a real incident. All the details ...

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Actor Who Played Jesus Gets Shunned by Hollywood

Jim Caviezel (whose initials are JC) was thirty-three when he played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. Caviezel has said his faith is his guide, both ...

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President Reagan's Daughter Regrets Their Broken Relationship

In the early 1980s, Patti Davis was passionately opposed to the buildup of nuclear weapons. She constantly spoke at rallies criticizing the nuclear arms ...

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Seven Questions for New Converts in an Asian Country

Asian Access (or A2), a Christian missions agency in South Asia, listed a series of questions that some church planters have been asking new believers ...

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Classic Fairy Tales Highlight the Struggles of Life

Naomi Zacharias writes of her experiences as director of Wellspring International, an advocate for at-risk women and children around the world. She has ...

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The Offensive Side of the Gospel

I believe it to be a grave mistake to present Christianity as something charming and popular with no offense in it.

—Author Dorothy Sayers

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Former Muslim Baptized Despite His Burns

Missionaries Ilir and Kate Cami write:

For some years we have worked with a ministry to refugees in Athens, Greece. Athens is part of the "Refugee ...

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